1. Sell By

From the recording FORWARD


Hey girl can’t you see the signs
Hey girl, fall in line
Hey girl, your role is defined
They say you’re past your sell by, past your prime

Hey girl not in front of the church crowd
Hey girl, you got kids now
Hey girl you’re bein way too loud
Take a look around
That’s not allowed

We do what we want
We do what we want
We do what we want
We do what we want

Hey girl, adjust your attitude
Hey girl, life’s all laid out for you
Hey girl what’re you tryin to do
Just take this pill
And then refill

Hey girl can’t go round lookin like that
Hey girl, you’ve chosen your path
Hey girl, blah blah blah
Who am I listening to
Not you

Hey girl you’re a diva doll
Hey girl got your pink shoes on
Hey girl who says you can’t have it all
They think so small
Running when we call
We do what we want