Amy Edwards and the Hi-Fis (or the Hi-Fi Society) came together in Austin, Texas in late 2014. Friends for years, Amy and Yates finally had the timing work out to start this project together. Mainly straightforward, modern, guitar driven rock 'n' roll, they have most recently released their take on the classic song "Superstar" (produced by AJ Vallejo) as a duo. Get to know them here!



Amy Edwards, 46, picked up a guitar just a handful of years ago, when she and some friends thought it would be fun to learn. Her 'jump in and do it' attitude has led to two solo albums she wrote and released in 2014, an EP with the Hi-Fis titled "Get LIVE" produced by AJ Vallejo, a new single, "Superstar", the 2017 EP "Little Birds", and the forthcoming epic project "Magic Vols. 1 & 2." When she's not rocking, she's a writer, podcast host of "The Real Show", sometime actress and mom of two girls. More at realamyedwards.com.


Yates to moved to Austin from San Francisco in the late 90's and began his musical journey writing and playing drums and percussion supporting musical styles ranging from Americana to Rock. While in Texas, he has been a member of several recording and touring acts, including The Big Gun Show, Will Harrell and the Hounds, Buddy Quaid, and Phoenix Down. He accomplished writing credits on 4 studio records, several live recordings and music videos. Tech by day and drums by night, Yates also fits in two teenagers and time for his love of tequila and friends.