1. Sweet Green

From the recording FORWARD


Jil Sander clutch be calling my name
Brand new season but it’s all the same
Fill in the blank and it’s the new black
Waitlisted for a Chanel backpack

She says I need this and she knows I want that
Celine slip-ons and Eugenia Kim hats
Givenchy and Gareth, oh Gwen would rock this
Well say no more honey, ring it up miss

A living canvas stands before you
With something to prove
So obsessed with what comes next
I’ll do anything to get my fix yeah

Gimme that gimme that sweet green
Gimme that gimme that sweet green
Gimme that gimme that sweet green
Good things come in packages as far as I’ve seen

Hittin up Barneys and VOD
Chats of Rih rih and L’Wren, RIP

Bright eyes hit the racks of Simkai and Kenzo
Must have YSL I got money to blow
Mary Ray, Dolce, Delfina, and Nak
I’ll take two of each in a small velvet sack
This cult of couture is tapping me out
But I look so deluxe and that’s what it’s about

Muffled voices whisper
You’ll never keep up, so give up
But it’s way too late, I’ve drank the Kool-aid
From a Versace cup