1. Good Girls

From the recording FORWARD


It hurts when I remember
That bond we had back in the day
Secrets and too much Tito’s
Knowin what the other was gonna say

But choices got made
that drew new lines
And then I couldn’t think of
the last time

I saw you
Too busy and things to do
And space got wider and grew
and I knew

That these courses we’re traveling
Are now too far apart
So I’ll enjoy at the memories
And go with what we now are

So, send me a text or I’ll see you around
At another birthday dinner at
Another place downtown
I’ll send you a text about how
You looked pretty the other day
And I’ll smile and move along and
Get out of your way

Ooh ooh
All the same, it’s all the same
Ooh ooh
So so sad but true
Ooh ooh
Play the Game, we play the game
Just like good girls do

I’ll see you at the nail place
Or dropping off the kids
We can smile and chatter vacantly
Lookin at each other over Starbucks lids

The knot in my stomach
And paper cuts on my soul
Are all gone and I’ve accepted
That this is it and we both know

But it won’t slip past our lips
This heavy unspoken truth
We’ll just keep on putting on
Cause that’s what we do

I don’t wanna play the game no more
I don’t wanna be a good girl no more
I don’t wanna play the game