1. Burn the Boats

From the recording FORWARD


Tattered pages I put up to remind myself
I don’t have to climb the mountain today
Or plant my flag in the dirt this minute
Or know every bit of the way

I don’t have to slay the beast right this second
But I do have to lace up my shoes
And put one foot down and then the next
Remembering what I’m here to do

There’s no more riding for free
Pour the gas and say goodbye to the sea
Can’t go back so spread the word
And keep pushing pushing
Forward forward……

Burn the boats (oh-oh)
Light them up (oh-oh)
Burn the boats (oh-oh)
Fire them up (oh-oh)

It’s warm behind us and this road’s cold and rough
But gotta keep on livin like we’re supposed to
Giving up will never be enough
We were created to go, to charge, to move