1. Already There

From the recording Magic Vol. 1

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Pushing against each other, struggling through the crashing waves
Expecting something better and not sure if we can be saved

Fighting battles we’ll never win, hoping it’ll all to come to an end
meanwhile, peace is vanishing into thin air and we’re busy searching for it somewhere

(But) I don’t wanna do this anymore
Aimlessly sailing for the shore
Keepin on like we’ve done before
I don’t wanna do this anymore

What if we’re already there?
What if this is it and we’re missing it
Taking what we’ve got and wishing it away

And this is where we are let’s make it count
Let’s just let it go and be here now
Cause I’m not going anywhere

When we’re already there

Don’t have to spend our precious time pretending that we both care, nah
Drinking hard, spilling moments like we got so many to spare

I wanna see the waters become still, pour out these cups that’ll ruin us
Close my eyes and breathe, is this possible….it’s gotta be for me because

Don’t matter how the wind blows
we’re right here we’re right here
the only thing that I know
is we’re right here we’re right here