1. Supercharged

From the recording Magic Vol. 1

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There’s humming in my chest
A burning inside
I can’t ignore it anymore no matter how I try

those only go so far
those words out in the sky
my battery is charged i’m flippin it off standby

Yeah Imma take tha wheel
I’m on a one way street
no end in sight but that’s alright yeah u just wait and see

Yeah I got this
Yeah we got this
Yeah It’s D-I-Y time
Yeah it’s do or die time

Cmon now let’s go
Kick in the turbo
Come on now let’s go
Come on now let’s go

We’re not looking for help
We’re not out shining lights
Those days are past we’ve hit the gas and it’s on overdrive

This road will only end
when hearts don’t beat no more
so we gon' make it how we like that’s what we came for

Oh we know what we want
And we know what we are
don’t need no autopilot nah baby we’re supercharged