1. Magic

From the recording Magic Vol. 1

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Once upon a time
When you and I were still a dream
I saw it all so clearly
I believed in you and me

Now it’s the ever after
We took for granted what appeared
It got too easy
And now there’s nothing
Where do we go from here

I used to believe we were magic
Nothing could stand in our way

I need to believe we are magic
Now if you want me to stay

Caught inside our own
fractured fairy tale
Withering away
Our castle’s up for sale

It seems that I’ve forgotten
how to cast another spell
how do we create what
used to be simple
Bring heaven back from hell

It’s all too easy
And now there’s nothing
Where do we go from here
If you want me to stay

our words take on energy
and every time they’re released, they become more powerful
once long ago, i saw the future
and now i long to see it again
so i will close my eyes
and see you in your sleek black sedan
(happy and beautiful)
in love with me
giving everything as i have
we write loveletters
and travel to the ends of the earth
(never giving up)
knowing this hard road is worth every difficult step
to get to that place
where there is no one else
(and all i want is you and all you want is me)
and where the good outweighs the bad again
city lights glimmering in the distance
it’s quiet, peaceful
and i hear music
and know you're there
it’s all taken care of
in every way
(i can see it now)
and every time
these words are cast
we draw one step
(bring all our dreams to life)
i have to believe
i need to believe